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Product Gallery Asphalt Series

Our asphalt series include asphalt in hardened and felt form with excellent wafer-proofing and heat proofing properties; commonly used for road paving, water proofing at rooftop, etc.. They are packed in coils or bags.

Asphalt Roofing Felt       Brown Asphalt
  Asphalt Roofing Felt

Specification Available

Width 1m, Length 8m
- Other lengths are available

In rolls pf 18lb each

Common Uses:
Used for water proofing at roof top

Brown Asphalt

Specification Available:
Grade 10-20
Softening Point > 90degC
Ductility > 1cm at 25degC




In bags of 25kg each, wrapped in 4 layers of Kraft paper

Common Uses:
Used for road paving, water proofing at rooftop, outerwall, basement, etc..